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A key role of a newly opened Capgemini cyber defence centre in Poland

December 16, 2021

Capgemini is growing thanks to the opening of a new cyber defence center in Poland. The key reason for expanding the Capgemini CDC network is to provide services connected with data protection and threat intelligence. It is the first type of Capgemini CDC in Central and Eastern Europe. Its role is to secure digital and cloud transformation processes of organizations across Europe and all around the world as well.

The new CDC focuses exactly on supporting the system infrastructure using cutting-edge technologies and solutions, inter alia cloud-native security and Artificial Intelligence.  Geert van der Linden, Cybersecurity Business Lead at Capgemini said: “To keep our clients’ data and assets protected against constantly evolving threats, Capgemini’s Cyber Defense Centers are designed to equip organizations with the best components and resources they need to prevent, detect, and respond to security incidents.” Capgemini’s new Cyber Defense Center in Katowice brings together the core cybersecurity capabilities, penetration testing, vulnerability management, and threat intelligence, to support organizations across the globe, especially in Europe. It is complemented by security-critical services designed for specific industries, compliant with both local regulations and technical requirements,” adds Beniamin Poznański, Head of Projects & Consulting, Capgemini Poland.

Capgemini consists of 13 Cyber Defense Center all around the world supporting cybersecurity solutions.  These are the Asturias (Spain) CDC, the Inverness (UK) CDC, the Group’s largest CDC in Bangalore and Mumbai (India), the CDC in San Diego (NA), and satellite CDCs in Australia (Melbourne) and Europe (Paris in France; Utrecht in the Netherlands).

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