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Amazon starts with its third development centre in Poland

January 18, 2022

Amazon, an American global technology company, opens a new research and development center in Krakow, Poland, focusing on hiring Polish professionals. It is the third facility of its type in Poland, after Gdansk and Warsaw. The company currently employs around 50 people in its Krakow office, but ultimately there will be 200 specialists.

The new centre will deal with developing innovative products and services of the global range technology, such as virtual assistance Alexa, cloud services connected with data migration, or software and security support for Ring devices. The company focuses on cooperation with universities in Cracow, because it is the biggest academic city in Poland.

Lucyna Chwastowska, the director responsible for the global development of Alexa Text-To-Speech, indicated that Cracow is one of the fastest and most dynamically developing cities in the technology area in Europe and the whole world as well.

“Thanks to excellent universities, dynamically operating scientific and non-governmental organizations, and talented specialists, the capital of Małopolska voivodeship, has become a crucial city for the development of new technologies. That’s why the decision to open a new office of Amazon Development Center was obvious for us.” – said Chwastowska.

From 2013, when Amazon took over Ivona software from Gdansk students, the company invested 12 mln PLN here and is the third-largest American investor in Poland. Currently employs a total amount of 23 000 people for a permanent contract.

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