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Boeing Broadens Footprint in Poland with New Engineering Sites

June 14, 2024

Boeing, a leading US aerospace corporation, has expanded its presence in Poland through the establishment of new engineering centers in Warsaw, Gdańsk, and Rzeszów. These facilities play a vital role in Boeing’s strategic objectives and will make significant contributions to its diverse portfolio, including commercial aircraft, defense systems, and R&D ventures.

Boeing has unveiled plans to hire several hundred additional specialists across its Polish operations, with new job opportunities available in Gdańsk, Rzeszów, and Warsaw. This initiative reinforces Boeing’s workforce, which currently exceeds 1,100 employees in Poland. This investment is a crucial element of Boeing’s global engineering expansion strategy, which aims to leverage resources across the organization and promote synergy among its worldwide locations.

The newly established engineering teams will be involved in a wide range of projects spanning both civil and defense sectors, with a specific focus on structural and production engineering, as well as software and systems engineering. These efforts will contribute to Boeing’s commercial, defense, and service programs.

During the inaugural ceremony of the new facility in Warsaw, Linda Hapgood, Vice President of Boeing Engineering in Poland and Ukraine, expressed:

„Boeing is committed to building a strong and long-term engineering presence in Poland. Opening a new engineering centre in Poland was a natural step for us since many of our customers, industrial partners, academic partners, and research partners are located here, including the esteemed Lukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation.”

Hapgood also underscored Poland’s strong talent pool and competitive market as favorable conditions for recruiting tech teams.

Boeing’s involvement in Poland spans over 35 years and encompasses various operations, including engineering, in addition to the presence of Boeing Defense, Space & Security offices in Warsaw, Boeing Digital Solutions & Analytics in Gdańsk, and Parts & Distribution Services in Rzeszów. The company maintains close collaborations with Polish suppliers, local universities, and research centers. Polish engineers actively contribute to the production of avionics and communication systems, as well as the development of software for aircraft payload distribution. The Boeing Distribution Services Center in Rzeszów ranks as the second-largest facility of its kind in Europe.

Image credit: Pexels