January 20, 2023

Netflix, a well-known streaming platform, has been present in Poland for years. The company has already produced more than 30 Polish films and series employing many Polish actors and crew working on a set. As of 2018,

December 22, 2022

Verkada, a leading physical security platform and a major cloud-managed security company chose Cracow, Poland as the next destination for its new engineering hub. The company trusted by more than 14,000 organizations worldwide expressed its interest in

December 19, 2022

Santander, Spanish multinational financial services company has opened new tech hubs in Warsaw, Poland and in Malaga, Spain as a way to boost technological transformation. As Santander states: “Malaga and Warsaw have both become vibrant hubs for

November 29, 2022

For the 23rd time, the consulting firm Deloitte has recognized the 50 fastest-growing technology companies from Central and Eastern European countries. Nearly 400 entities from 16 countries in the region applied for this year's Deloitte Technology Fast