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Cofounder explains why Poland is good for startups

November 3, 2020

CoFounder, “the only magazine for the European startup ecosystem – in essence a self-help guide for all entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs,” has just published an article entitled Why Poland is a startup hotspot. The reasons behind this claim are based on rock-solid facts. Firstly, we read that Poland’s fundamentals provide a strong foundation for business. Secondly, Poland’s workforce is becoming increasingly well educated. Thirdly, the country also has one of the largest pools of developer talent in Europe. The rapid growth of Polish startups is attracting ever more investments, which are growing twice as fast in CEE as in Western Europe. This environment is conducive to the emergence of unicorn companies such as Golem, Brainly or Docplanner, and bodes well for the bright future of their numerous successors emerging in Poland. Poland remains a hotspot for startups in Europe and that won’t stop anytime soon, goes the conclusion of the article. The entire full text of the publication is available from CoFounder’s website.

Image credit: Pexels