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EQUINIX is hiring in its Product Development Centre in Warsaw

July 2, 2021

US-based Equinix (Nasdaq: EQIX), a digital infrastructure company, grows and hires dozens of new engineers in the Polish capital. The company is present in Poland since 2018. Warsaw is one of three Equinix’s innovation locations of its kind globally, in addition to Singapore and Silicon Valley. Now Equinix builds here its Product Development Centre.

The company decided that Poland is the ideal location for the PDC thanks to “its supply of highly trained engineers and specifically, software experts who have a well-deserved reputation for being among the world’s brightest.” Equinix is currently looking to hire the best possible talent locally to spark innovation in the products and solutions that will enable the digital economy.

The team in the product development center in Warsaw will build software products to simplify Equinix processes around the globe. Using a cutting-edge technology stack, cloud, microservices architecture, and a micro-frontend user interface, this team will work closely with Singapore and Silicon Valley counterparts to transform the company’s and the world’s digital future.

More details available at Equinix’s website.

Image credit: EQUINIX