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Euronews: Gdansk is among the best places to move to as an expat

September 13, 2021

After the Covid-19 pandemic period, marred by restrictions and risk, many people are hungry for travel. Additionally, since remote work became a standard last year, many digital nomads search for the best places to relocate and work remotely. Not only can they work but also enjoy amazing locations as well. Among so popular European cities, there are the little-known travel destinations.

As Euronews reported, Property Guides, a resource of overseas property buying, specified places that deserve to be spotlighted. Among places as Rejkiavik, Helsinki, or Tallinn, the property buying specialist has awarded a seaside city Gdansk in Poland.

Gdansk is becoming an increasingly popular destination for expats. With a rich history, stunning buildings, top-notch restaurants, and a booming economy, the city is becoming a popular target for many foreigners. Moreover, Gdansk is a great location for start-ups which you can find them numerously here.

Last but not least, expats will find here low costs of living what makes Gdansk one of the most attractive and affordable places for every citizen of the World.

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