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01. How strong are Poles in terms of IT skills?

Ones of the best in the world, e.g. Polish developers are ranked 3rd in the world by different independent surveys (HackerRank, SkillValue). For more, see Strong IT skills

02. What is the cost of Polish Developers?

Salaries of developers are around 63% lower than in the US and 37% lower than in Germany and the UK. Countries that are more expensive than Poland also include Indonesia, Ukraine, Mexico and Brazil. For details, go here

03. How many Developers are there in Poland?

There were 401,000 of them in 2020 and this number is quickly growing. It is the biggest pool of talent in the whole of Central and Eastern Europe. To learn more, visit Plenty of Talents

04. Do I need to create a subsidiary to employ people in Poland?

No, that is not necessary. To begin with, you can operate from your headquarters in another country based on cross-border B2B contracts with self-employed people (however, you will need to check the regulations in your country in that respect).

05. Is Poland a good place to do business?

It definitely is! Among other nominations, we are #3 within the World’s Best Countries To Invest In Or Do Business For 2020 by CEOWORLD. For more details, go here

06. What about safety and ICT infrastructure?

Poland is part of WTO, NATO, European Union, and the Schengen Area. The ICT infrastructure is modern and it allowed the IT industry to switch smoothly to remote working mode during COVID-19. For more, click here

07. How good are the English skills in Poland?

They are very good according to the regular EF English Proficiency Index reports, especially among young people and city dwellers. For more, see People matter

08. Any benefits for international companies entering Poland?

There are many: tax exemptions for 10 to 15 years, up to 250% deductions from taxable base for R&D centres, a 5% preferential tax rate (OECD’s nexus approach).

09. Where can I learn about other international companies in Poland?

Sure, some of them are presented in our Success Stories section, and many more are mentioned in Investors friendly and News

10. Whom can I contact to get support in Poland?

Just contact us! We would love to offer our services or will introduce you to our Partners, depending on your needs and situation.


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