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Forbes: Poland among 4 promising offshore destinations

January 4, 2021

In its article, Forbes Technology Council analyses the emerging offshore development markets to consider, and advices how to choose the right destination for outsourcing. Among the four countries recommended by the authors, Poland is indicated as one of two countries in Central and Eastern Europe (together with Belarus), and as the only member of the European Union. In the case of Poland, the article highlights the fact of its belonging to the regional blocks and international organisations such as UN, WTO, NATO and the EU. This means that “IT companies can benefit from any favorable regional policies that emerge, including those on data and information sharing”. Forbes also points out, one by one, the most important factors to consider when choosing where to locate our offshoring providers’ location worldwide. These are, in the order presented in the article: availability of highly skilled and talented professionals in a particular country, IT infrastructure, cultural and linguistic differences, costs, the legal and policy framework on security, privacy, and copyright infringement, as well as geopolitical risks. We would like to add that the same reasons are most often taken into account when multinational companies choose to locate their own subsidiaries abroad – leaving outsourcing out, or as a next step after successfully using offshore partners in the country. We recommend reading the whole article on www Forbes.

Image credit: Pexels