août 30, 2023

The potential in the CEE region, including Poland, is becoming increasingly attractive to companies in the technology sector due to its skilled workforce, innovative ecosystems, competitive costs, and favorable conditions for business development. The growing technological expertise

août 25, 2023

Poland took 2nd place in the international satellite hacking competition Hack-a-Sat run by the US Air Force winning a prize of $30,000. This is an outstanding achievement for the Polish team in the renowned competition. The Polish

juillet 24, 2023

Palo Alto Networks, the global cybersecurity leader, has announced the launch of a new cloud location in Poland. This move aims to provide customers with high-performance access to their best-in-class cybersecurity capabilities while ensuring data residency requirements

juin 29, 2023

Zilch is a pioneering direct-to-consumer credit provider and advertising technology platform. The company aims to eliminate the cost of consumer credit and offers innovative payment options and rewards to its customers. Their new hub in Krakow, known