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Krakow Hosted ECAI 2023, a First for Poland

October 6, 2023

Poland’s debut as the host of the European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI) in 2023 was another achievement of our country as one of the leading digital economies in Europe. Organized by the Polish Artificial Intelligence Society (PSSI), this prestigious event has attracted participants from over fifty countries across six continents, showcasing Poland’s growing influence in the global AI community. It was a truly unique opportunity for scientists, experts, and businesses to exchange knowledge and explore cutting-edge developments in the field of artificial intelligence.

In addition to the conference sessions, ECAI 2023 featured a wide range of activities, including workshops, tutorials, and an industrial session in collaboration with the Krakow Technology Park. With the participation of sponsors, including eleven burgeoning AI-driven businesses, as well as key stakeholders, such as the President of Krakow and Jagiellonian University, the conference showcased cutting-edge AI solutions and fostered insightful panel discussions, further solidifying its status as a must-attend event for AI enthusiasts and experts worldwide.
This significant event not only underscores Poland’s growing prominence in AI but also announces its readiness to take a leading role in shaping the future of artificial intelligence globally.

For more information, visit the ECAI 2023 official website:

Image credit: Pexels