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Microsoft opens its newest data center in Warsaw, Poland

May 17, 2023

Technological innovation is a key driver of economic and social development, especially for companies operating in a rapidly changing market environment. Operating on this basis, Microsoft opens its announced (we wrote about it here), newest cloud region, the first in Central and Eastern Europe, located in Poland, which will provide a significant digital transformation and connect Poland to the most comprehensive cloud infrastructure in the world.

The $1 billion investment consists of three separate physical locations around Warsaw, each of them involving one or more data centers. It guarantees the highest standards of security, privacy and data storage in compliance with the country’s regulations. Customers will be given the tools and capabilities for better business scalability, allowing them to grow and compete in the global market. The launch of the Microsoft region is a continuation of supporting the technological development of society, business and the economy in the country.

Schools, universities, organizations and companies from all industries have already trusted Microsoft technologies. According to IDC Research, over the next four years, the new data center region will help eliminate some of the barriers to cloud deployment in the region and will account for about 16.5% of new revenue ($45.7 billion) by 2026.

Ralph Haupter, President, EMEA, Microsoft said “Connecting Poland to the largest trusted global cloud infrastructure is significant support for the resilience of the country, society and organizations, and the development of the Polish Digital Valley. One of the main elements of strengthening this resilience is raising digital competence in the country. Microsoft has skilled more than 430,000 IT professionals, business representatives, partners and students since this investment was announced in 2020. Everyone will need digital skills to pursue in-demand roles and build livelihoods in the changing economy so it’s an area where we can help more people get better jobs.”

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