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Microsoft President Brad Smith: Poland is an Ideal Place for Tech Business Growth

June 21, 2024

Microsoft vice chair and president Brad Smith has urged global tech companies to invest in Poland, emphasizing the country’s potential to become an “AI Valley” and a leader in artificial intelligence development.

Speaking to the Polish newspaper Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, Smith said:

“For tech investors, this is the place to grow your business. Poland is a large country with highly qualified workers. People are innovative and work hard. There are development opportunities here.”

Despite investor concerns over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Brad Smith highlighted Poland’s critical role as a tech hub and a key NATO supporter of Ukraine. In his recent discussions with Prime Minister Tusk, Smith explored ways to enhance cybersecurity and detailed Microsoft’s role in aiding Ukraine against cyberattacks.

Smith pointed out that Poland’s strong tech and manufacturing sectors stand to benefit greatly from the rapid development of AI, transforming core business processes. He cited Mercedes-Benz, which leverages AI for various functions, as an example of successful AI implementation. Furthermore, Visa has announced a global technology and product hub in Poland involving Poland’s top tech teams to advance its AI use.

Microsoft has been in Poland since the early 1990s and has recently ramped up its investments, including a $1 billion plan announced in 2020 and the opening of its first data center in Warsaw last year. These efforts underscore Microsoft’s commitment to fostering technological innovation and tech hiring in Poland’s thriving IT ecosystem. Smith noted that investment is driven by the chance to work with people eager to innovate and adopt new technologies, making Poland an attractive investment destination.

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