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Poland Achieves Second-Highest Life Satisfaction in the EU

January 25, 2024

Recent Eurostat data positions Poland at the second-highest level of life satisfaction among EU member states, tied with Finland at 7.7 out of 10, following Austria at 7.9. Notably, Polish youth claim the highest satisfaction in the EU with a score of 8.1.

The 2022 survey demonstrates Poland’s upward trend from a 7.5 satisfaction score in 2021. Eurostat emphasizes the nuanced relationship between subjective well-being and economic welfare, highlighting Poland’s high satisfaction despite lower past incomes. Poland’s rapid economic and social development over the past two decades is underscored by its climb in the EU’s household material wealth index, surpassing Spain last year.

Poland stands out in the realm of life satisfaction, particularly among young people, securing the highest level of contentment among 16-29-year-olds in the EU. Notably, gender differences prove minimal, as Polish men score 7.6, while women slightly edge higher at 7.7. Education emerges as a significant factor, with Poles holding tertiary degrees reporting the highest satisfaction at 8.0, followed by those with upper/post-secondary education at 7.6, and lower secondary/primary education at 7.2.

To sum it up, Poland shines in the EU life satisfaction ranking, particularly among the youth. The nation’s upward trajectory and resilience in satisfaction levels underscore its positive standing, revealing the intriguing interplay between well-being and economic development.

Eurostat statistics can be found here.

Image credit: Pexels