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Poland as the leading destination by the value of the CEE investments activities in 2020

July 19, 2021

In 2020 Poland was one of the most attractive destinations for Private Equity investment in the CEE region, speeding up the recovery after the COVID-19 crisis.

Invest Europe association in its recent report ‘2020 Central and Eastern Europe Private Equity Statistics’ shows that the Private Equity invested in 105 Polish companies among all 566 companies in CEE region. Poland was far ahead of other countries by value with 26% of the region’s total investment value – €431m, and home to almost a fifth of the companies receiving funding.

The level of venture capital (VC) in CEE region investments was almost 50% higher than the average of the previous five years. Poland followed Hungary with €112 million of venture capital funds. This was invested into a record 82 companies. In 2020 start-ups were the largest field of the VC market in CEE. In terms of sectors, Information and communication technology (ICT) was the leading at 44% of total value and was almost half of a total number of companies in 2020. “These are fast-growing businesses that can help drive the region’s recovery from the effects of the pandemic, as well as its long-term economic and social development.” said Eric de Montgolfier, chief executive of Invest Europe.

Activity of private equity in CEE region was significant. Fast growing economies, competitive structure and visible development generate a unique opportunity for investors. Among other players in the Central and Eastern European region, Poland has been distinguished as one of the most attractive places to invest.

More details and a complete report you can find here.

Image credit: Unsplash