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Poland Gains International Recognition for Investment Potential

April 11, 2024

Poland has garnered international acclaim, securing a notable 23rd position in a prestigious global ranking that identifies the top 25 countries anticipated to attract significant foreign direct investment (FDI) over the coming three years.

The country’s commendable performance in the FDI Confidence Index by Kearney, a renowned consulting firm, highlights its growing appeal to foreign investors. Key factors contributing to Poland’s success include its robust technological capabilities and the emerging trend of nearshoring, which involves locating production and services closer to end consumers, a strategy gaining traction post-pandemic. This allowed Poland become the number one destination for creating remote tech teams and staff augmentation for international companies.

Krystian Kamyk, Managing Partner of Kearney in Warsaw, praised Poland’s economic standing within the European Union, emphasizing its technological competencies and consistent FDI inflows, reaching USD 29.5 billion in 2022.

Furthermore, the report indicates a changing landscape in investment considerations, with labor costs decreasing in importance. Only 5% of survey participants cited labor costs as a primary factor, while Poland’s technological capabilities (17%), efficient legal processes (15%), ease of capital transfer (14%), and regulatory transparency, combined with low corruption rates (13%), emerged as key attractions for investors.

A significant factor driving Poland’s rise in the FDI Confidence Index is the global shift towards nearshoring, accelerated by the pandemic’s disruption of global supply chains. Piotr Soroczyński, Chief Economist of the National Chamber of Commerce, highlighted Poland’s attractiveness to investors from Western Europe and the USA, who increasingly view the country as an appealing destination for production and service relocation.

The fact that Poland made it into this esteemed ranking highlights its rising reputation as a destination for investments, offering potential economic opportunities driven by its strong technological foundation and well-placed position in the international market.

Image credit: FDI Confidence Index by Kearney