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Poland on the podium of the international Hack-a-Sat competition

August 21, 2023

Poland took 2nd place in the international satellite hacking competition Hack-a-Sat run by the US Air Force winning a prize of $30,000. This is an outstanding achievement for the Polish team in the renowned competition. The Polish national team “Poland Can Into Space” won a place on the podium for the fourth time in a row, which is an admirable achievement. Our team consisted of software engineers, cybersecurity engineers and IT students from Poland, Germany and Ireland. The core of the team consists of employees of CERT Polska. First place went to the Italians.

The teams were tasked with acquiring a connection to the satellite and taking pictures of the Earth using the equipment on board, as well as fending off attacks from other teams. The Polish team demonstrated remarkable cybersecurity knowledge and skills, which allowed them to outperform rivals from different countries. This triumph clearly confirms the competence of Polish specialists working on satellite technology and their ability to compete on the international cybersecurity arena.

The demand for cyber security jobs has risen significantly over the past few years with more than 700,000 unfilled cybersecurity positions just across the U.S (based on link) . But a shortage of cybersecurity workers exists worldwide. The bottom line is that there are simply not enough professionals with the right skills. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for Poland and its talented people with the right skills and experience to ensure organizations protect their confidential data and reduce potential cyberattacks.

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Image credit: Pexels