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Polish government amends the program for supporting investments

April 4, 2021

Last month, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Poland amended the “Program for supporting investments of significant importance to the Polish economy for the years 2011-2030” that had been previously introduced in 2011. The program is one of the instruments supporting new investment projects that have to increase the competitiveness of the Polish economy.

The new version of the program primarily assumes the unification of the rules with the Polish Investment Zone and assistance for smaller investments. The new rules were implemented to stimulate investment in the face of the unfavorable economic conditions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and are applicable until the end of 2021with an option to extend.

As part of the Program, you can receive funding for investment costs (Strategic Investments, Innovative Investments and those related to the creation of the R&D Center) or two-year labor costs (a grant for employment for investments in the Business Services Center or the R&D Center). The amount of support depends on the type and location of the investment, the category of the entrepreneur, the number of jobs (in the case of an employment grant), and the number of points awarded based on the assessment of the qualitative criteria. More information can be found on the Polish Investment and Trade Agency website.

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