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Building a contact network

  • Your goal: Reaching out to influencers, partners or subcontractors
  • Turnaround time: a few hours to a few weeks
  • Cost: free of charge or case-by-case pricing

Contact network creation

We all know how important it is for any business to have networks and interpersonal relations, especially if we are just starting out in a new country. Poland is no exception in this respect but we are distinguished by our curiosity about people and the world, and by being passionate about hospitality. We also love win-win collaboration and are good at devising the right business models. International players who plan their expansion in Poland can be sure to find ample opportunities for cooperation or support, and we will be happy to help them contact the right people, companies or institutions.

We work with many of them on a regular basis (check out our Partners), and we met others directly or through mutual friends. Just let us know what your company is seeking right now and we will point to the best people in Poland to discuss your plans with. We provide assistance in liaising with government administration responsible for foreign investments (in various parts of Poland), NGOs, industry associations, experts or organizers of the most exciting events. If you are thinking of engaging subcontractors or suppliers in specific areas, we can help you here, too: we will be happy to suggest tried-and-tested providers.