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SoftwareONE and Snowflake take over prominent Polish software houses

March 30, 2022

Snowflake, an American global company offering Data Cloud has acquired the engineering team of Polish software house Pragmatists, dealing with custom software development. The Polish acquisition is a key component in establishing a branch in Poland, further expanding the newly opened Snowflake office in Warsaw. About 30 skilled engineers from Pragmatists joined the Snowflake team in Warsaw, bringing the total to almost 100.

The rapidly growing demand for Snowflake services is related to the growing demand for data marketplace services. The Warsaw tech team is working on Snowflake Data Marketplace, which contributes to customers’ access to many data sets and services from hundreds of third-party providers.

“We know the Pragmatists’ team well, and their culture is highly aligned with our own. They worked on deep technology projects for dozens of large enterprises in Europe and North America, and I’m pleased they see our work at Snowflake as meaningful and interesting and were excited to join our team.” said Grzegorz Kapusta, engineering director and Head of the Warsaw office of Snowflake.

Swiss giant SoftwareONE Holding AG also wants to expand its technology capabilities through the acquisition in Poland. The international concern dealing with end-to-end software and cloud technology solutions has taken over Predica, a leading Polish Azure cloud provider.

The acquisition significantly expands SoftwareONE’s Cloud Services platform, allowing it to serve corporate clients in the most important regions of Europe and the whole world. More than 300 cloud technology experts and the leadership team from Predica will join SoftwareONE and continue to develop the multi-cloud Cloud Services platform.

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with SoftwareONE. Our mission has always been to help customers use Microsoft technology to achieve greater productivity and purpose.” – said Andrzej Lipka, CEO, and co-founder of Predica.

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