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August 24, 2023

Intetics Headquarters office: USA Core business: Cloud Services, Software Platforms Employees globally: 700+ In Poland since: 2013 Location in Poland: Warsaw, Krakow See more at:

April 19, 2021

TomTom Headquarters office: The Netherlands Core business: Information Technology and Services Employees globally: 4,500+ In Poland since: 2011 Location in Poland: Lodz, Poznan, Warsaw See more at:

March 24, 2021

Striped Giraffe Innovation & Strategy Headquarters country: Germany Core business: Digital solution provider Employees globally: 100 In Poland since: 2015 Locations in Poland: Katowice, Warsaw See more at:

March 24, 2021

SoftServe Headquarters country: Ukraine, USA Core business: Software Development Employees globally: +9,000 In Poland since: 2014 Locations in Poland: Wroclaw, Gliwice, Bialystok, Warsaw, Poznan See more at: