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United Nations’ Internet Governance Forum 2021 took place in Poland

December 13, 2021

5 days-debates were concentrating around complicated Internet and digital policy issues, digital rights protection and cybersecurity problems. These and much more advanced topics were raised at 16th Meeting of Internet Governance Forum 2021, held both in Katowice, Poland and on-line on December 6-10.

The event brought together over 10, 000 participants from 175 countries, and became a significant platform for discussing the headline of this year’s Forum is Internet United – the Internet connecting all its users into one community, responsible for its shape and functioning.

„Digital technology has saved lives by enabling millions of people to work, study and socialize safely online. But the pandemic has also magnified the digital divide, and the dark side of technology: the lightning-fast spread of misinformation; the manipulation of people’s behaviour; and more. We can only address these challenges united, through strengthened cooperation,” emphasized António Guterres – United Nations Secretary-General.

Among others, during IGF 2021 were introduced possible solutions to the human rights risks posed by borderline technologies such as quantum computing, artificial intelligence, facial recognition, and other biometric data collection, along with other highlights of Investing in digital growth session: „Digital transformation is a complex process that carries enormous potential for development and economic growth”.

In conjunction with sessions, IGF 2021 offered workshops under the theme Our digital future – organized with the support of Microsoft and with the engagement with various IGF groups such as NRIs, MAG, and DCs – and addressing matters related to safe digital transformation in the framework of sustainable development goals.

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