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Visa plans to invest in Poland to develop innovative payment solutions

June 1, 2023

Visa Inc., a global leader in digital payments, has announced plans to establish a new global Technology and Product Hub in Poland, marking its first strategic center of this kind in Central and Eastern Europe. The Hub aims to support Visa’s continuous growth in digital commerce and payments by accommodating up to 1,500 new hires in technology and product roles over the coming years. The investment reflects Visa’s commitment to its 24/7 development model for innovation and its focus on areas such as AI, cybersecurity, and network resilience.

Poland was chosen as the location for the hub due to its robust pool of talent and thriving IT sector, making it a conducive environment for developing cutting-edge payment technologies. Rajat Taneja, President, Technology at Visa, said “Poland’s highly skilled workforce and vibrant IT sector make it an ideal location for us to recruit and collaborate with partners and businesses to develop new payment solutions.”

This initiative will further enhance Visa’s global presence and innovation efforts. It also demonstrates the company’s dedication to diversity and inclusion by aiming to attract talent from various backgrounds and neighboring regions like Ukraine.

The decision to invest in Poland was welcomed by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who highlighted the country’s position as an attractive destination for investments in the technology sector, thanks to its highly qualified IT professionals and abundant talent pool.

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