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Warsaw Among “Best Cities in the World” in Latest Resonance Ranking

November 22, 2023

Warsaw has secured the 40th spot among 270 global cities in Resonance’s latest “World’s Best Cities” ranking, ahead of cities such as Copenhagen, Oslo, Athens and Frankfurt. This underscores the city’s growing economic and technological strength.

Resonance, a prominent global consulting firm, reveals that over the past decade, Poland’s capital has emerged as an economic powerhouse in Europe, marked by steady growth and entrepreneurial vibrancy. Despite historical challenges, Warsaw has demonstrated resilience, evident in its recent support for over 250,000 Ukrainian refugees fleeing the ongoing conflict with Russia. The city’s prominence is underscored by its population’s remarkable educational attainment (ranked 12th globally) and impressive GDP per capita (ranked 20th). Fuelled by this talent pool, Warsaw embarks on ambitious cultural and technological endeavors.

Amidst a flourishing tourism sector, Warsaw’s economic resilience shines through, evidenced by a notable 4.4% rise in tourism’s contribution to its GDP from 2019 to 2022, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council. As Warsaw forges ahead with ambitious ventures and extends a helping hand to those in need, its position among the world’s most promising cities solidifies, propelled by economic dynamism, technological strides, and a commitment to progress.

Resonance’s ranking can be found here.
Image credit: Unsplash.